Hard to be single in Venice

Hard to be single in Venice
What to do in Venice
  • Get lost in the city (day and night!)
  • Visit the Doges Palace
  • Visit the museum dell'Academia
  • Cruise along the Grand Canal in a Vaporetto
  • Take the afternoon off to Murano and Burano

Venice is truly a unique and magical place and it’s a real pleasure to get lost in the city. The only problem was that I was alone when the fact is Venice is a destination for couples.

Literally getting lost in the city is the only way to get a feel of Venice. Anyways, everybody probably ends up lost as following a map is too much work. Most streets are really narrow and have turns and corners everywhere. What you think is a simple passage is in fact a street, even if it’s 1m wide and 10 long.

Venice street

Venice is a city for pedestrians and I LOVE IT. I love cities with a compact center where no cars can get in. It’s a little more tiring to live in because you have to walk everywhere but in exchange, it’s far less noisy and much more busy with people.

Visiting Venice at night must also be part of your visit. There is a lot of activity in the evening and the lights are beautiful. Enjoying music played by the orchestras on St Mark’s Square was a real pleasure.

St Marc Square at night

I loved the Doges Palace and all its secrets. I was lucky to get a ticket for the Secret Itinerary tour which brings you in the old offices and which I highly recommend. The biggest room in the Palace is also very impressive.

The Museum dell’Academia hosts a big collection of paintings which I enjoyed a lot more than the one in Florence. The style is different and much more colorful.

The weather was not too good while I was there and on the second day’s morning, the St Mark’s Square was famously flooded. You could see the water rising from the holes in the ground which made it quite surreal.

Flood in Venice

With a short vaporetto cruise you can get to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano which are very colorful, all the houses being painted in different colors. It’s a really nice afternoon escapade.


I liked Venice a lot but if I ever come back, it will be as a couple, in a nice hotel, when it’s sunnier and with enough money to enjoy the restaurants and night events!

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