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  • Where To Work On The Road: Coworking Spaces Where To Work On The Road: Coworking Spaces

    Working on the road can be challenging sometimes but is something that can be managed quite well with a bit of organization. As a software engineer, my job has a few requirements: I need electricity, I need Internet (although I can go offline if needed) and, above all, I need to get focused. Traveling is full of distractions: you are in a new place with many things to discover and you meet new... read more »

    Posted: 25/11/2013

  • Tips To Visit Paris From a Parisian France Tips To Visit Paris From a Parisian
    Google Map

    I’m often surprised when I hear about the bad experiences fellow travelers had in Paris. Here is some advice from a parisian. Paris is a beautiful city (some may say it’s like an open air museum) and there are things to see at every corner. The best way to visit it is to walk! I know I’m repeating myself with the walking advice but it has never been as true as this time. To go quicker from ... read more »

    Posted: 03/10/2013 France

  • Money on the Road

    Managing money on the road used to be a big hassle but shouldn’t be anything to fear nowadays. Unless you’re going in a very remote place, ATMs are everywhere. It’s best to have two cards while traveling, a Visa and a Mastercard. It will be easier if you lost one and some places may only accept one provider. Most ATMs will charge a fee for foreign cards, thus it’s best to withdraw a big amount... read more »

    Posted: 31/03/2013

  • Looking for a camera? Get the Canon S100

    I find having a good camera while traveling is something you cannot look over. Having crappy pictures as the only way to share how awesome your trip was is an absolute shame. I see many people today having a DSLR camera. I have one back home but choose to leave it for a few reasons: A DSLR is complicated to use and as usually poor auto mode It’s bulky and takes a lot of space It takes... read more »

    Posted: 05/03/2013

  • Announcing The Opinionated Backpacker Store

    Today I’m happy to launch The Opinionated Backpacker Store. This little project started with the desire to create a well designed, easy to use and ad-free website where you could buy recommended stuff you need to travel long-term. Amazon is great to buy whatever you want but it can be tedious to select the best products. I know by experience as I spent hours searching for what to buy. This st... read more »

    Posted: 03/01/2013

  • Business Cards from

    I had read on some blog that it was nice and useful to have some “business cards” on you while traveling. I’m quoting business card because they do not have to be about business. It’s easy this way to leave your coordinates. I found the idea really nice and also wanted to try for some time. I heard a lot of positive reviews on Moo and I’m in fact really satisfied. The cards arrived q... read more »

    Posted: 12/12/2012

  • Packing for one year of travel

    Living a year with only one bag of stuff can be challenging. Here’s how I packed my carry-on backpack for such a long time. The Bag® Choosing a bag was quite tricky and it took me much more time than I thought it would. At first I was thinking of taking a big hiking bag of 60L. After reading about the subject, I came to realize that my trip wasn’t some kind of long hike but simply a long trip... read more »

    Posted: 10/12/2012

  • Planning a Round-The-World Trip

    Planning a trip around the world is already the start of the adventure. It’s a task which seems daunting and many people told me they “wouldn’t even know where to start”! However, it’s not as hard as you may think but it sure takes a lot of time! Having a rough idea I thought a lot about doing a round the world trip before acting on it. Part of doing it is fulfilling a dream, thus knowing wh... read more »

    Posted: 01/12/2012