Where I've been

I like to keep a list of where I've been, it helps me remember all the great places I visited and to decide where to go next.

I have no prefered country. I loved the geography and nature in most of them but the life is not always as great as the view. I love big, agitated and cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London and New York. A trip in the countryside or in a remote location is also always much appreciated.

We have a little game in my family where the goal is to be the one who visited the most countries. At the moment I'm second (of four), my father being ahead with a large lead but I plan on beating him before I'm 30!

Official list of countries on Wikipedia

Number of countries: 42
Number of continents: 7 out of 7

Country Region Date
Switzerland Europe 2014
Netherlands Europe Amsterdam in 2014
USA North America 2004 (west), 2008 (east), 2014 (San Francisco)
Colombia South America 2014
Ecuador South America 2014
Peru South America 2014
Bolivia South America 2014
Chile South America 2014
Argentina South America 2013/2014
Brazil South America 2013/2014
Uruguay South America 2013
Antarctica Antarctica 2013
Canada North America Lived 1 year in Montreal in 2008/2009, visited in 2013
United Kingdom Europe Lived 5 years in Scotland (1997), 6 months in London (2010), visited in 2013
United Arab Emirates Middle East Visited Dubai in 2013
Australia Oceania 2013
Indonesia Asia 2009 and 2013
Japan East Asia 2013
China East Asia Hong Kong in 2013
Vietnam Southeast Asia 2013
Cambodia Southeast Asia 2013
Laos Southeast Asia 2013
Thailand Southeast Asia Lived 2 years in Bangkok from 1993, visited in 2013
Malaysia Southeast Asia 2013
Singapore Southeast Asia 2013
India Central Asia 2013
Czech Republic Europe 2012
Austria Europe 2012
Vatican City Europe 2012
Italy Europe 2012
Germany Europe 2012
Turkey Europe/Asia 2012
Maldives Asia 2011
Andorra Europe 2006
Spain Europe 2006 & 2007
Namibia Africa 2004
South Africa Africa 2003
Congo Africa Lived 3 years in Pointe Noire from 2002
Portugal Europe 2002
Cuba Central America 2000
Belgium Europe 1997
Venezuela South America Lived 2 years in Puerto Lacruz from 1988
France Europe Home country

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