Bangkok: a Modern and Vibrant City

Bangkok: a Modern and Vibrant City
What to do in Bangkok
  • Visit the Grand Palace and the major Temples
  • Walk around Chinatown
  • Eat at food stalls and markets
  • Do a longtail tour in the canals, take the ferry
  • Go Shopping around Siam Square and Sukhumvit

Even though, technically, I can say it was not my first time in Bangkok, in reality is was like it. In twenty years, the city has changed a lot and I couldn’t remember much (I was pretty young back then).

Bangkok is vast, crowded and always busy. The traffic is intense and there are hordes of people in the central areas. I find it’s still manageable (not as crowded as India) although my opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by most travelers who have enough of it after a few days.

The city has a very modern vibe. The kind of modern you would have imagined in the nineties with a lot of cement and big structures. This is particularly flagrant in the Siam Square area where the street is covered by passage ways and two lines of Skytrain.

Siam Square

Under the shadows of the high rises, it’s easy to find a more traditional way of living. Bangkok has still a lot of small streets with wooden houses, day and night markets and hawker food stalls everywhere.

Wooden house on a canal

The blend between the new and the old (everything still being pushed forward) makes for a vibrant city. A place where I would easily see myself living. The city feels much more alive than Singapore for example.

Bangkok’s catch phrase is “City of Life” and I find it’s a perfect fit.

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