Dolphin Watching in Kratie

Dolphin Watching in Kratie

First stop in Cambodia after four weeks in Laos. Even if crossing the border is seamless, you can feel that you’re in a different country. I stopped for two nights in Kratie in Northern Cambodia which is a small town with not much to offer apart from dolphin watching.

The Mekong host a rare species of Dolphin called the Irrawaddy Dolphin. Kratie is one of the best place to spot it in Southeast Asia. To do so, take a Tuk-Tuk (10$) ride or rent a motorbike (7$) to go to Kampi where a one hour boat ride on the river will cost you 9$ per person.

Irrawaddy Dolphin

When I did it, it was very easy to spot the dolphins and I saw something like ten of them. However, you cannot see much: none were jumping out of the water and they do not come close to the boats.

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Kratie, Cambodia
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