Hard to Get a Glance at The Shy Mt Fuji

Hard to Get a Glance at The Shy Mt Fuji

I really wanted to have a look at the iconic mountain. Famous for being shy, I could only catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji while I stayed at Kawaguchi-ko for a night.

Kawaguchi-ko is one of the five lakes which surround the mountain and is a common tourist stop in the area. There is a view point which you can reach with a cable car to get the best view of the Mt Fuji. Unfortunately, climbing season only starts in July so I simply explored the area around the lake. Let me tell you that the tourist attractions can be safely avoided as they are what I would call tourist traps.

On the other hand, nature lover will love the region as it is covers with beautiful forests. However, keep it mind that the rainy season is definitely not a good time to visit Mt Fuji!

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Kawaguchi-ko, Japan

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