Meet My New Furry Friends

Meet My New Furry Friends

Chiang Mai is activity paradise in Thailand. You can do many, many things, from small treks to extreme stuff. One of the most popular is spending some time with tigers. I couldn’t miss that!

Tiger Kingdom is located 20 minutes from Chiang Mai. You have to buy a ticket for each tiger sizes (from baby to adult) you want to spend 15 minutes with. Prices go from 420B for an adult to 620B for a baby.


The place is very well maintained and the tigers are beautiful. I chose to get into the cages of small and big tigers. It is truly a majestic animal. The big ones are impressive and you can really feel how powerful they are. Lying down on one is a great experience.

Lying down with a tiger

The Tiger Kingdom is a very well oiled tourist machine. These kind of petting zoos are a big controversial issue but I had read great reviews about this particular place. From what I experienced, the tigers didn’t seem drugged and seemed well taken care of. Most of them are asleep but some are very playful, fighting with each other or jumping around.

Jumping tiger

(I think it would be hard for a drugged up tiger to jump like that)

I can safely say this was one of my greatest experience since I left in January.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Posted: 04/04/2013
  • Visited: March 2013
  • Time zone: GMT+7
  • Budget: around 30€ to see small and big tigers, taxi included
  • Tiger Kingdom

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