Why I'm in Montréal Right Now

According to my original plan I should be somewhere around New Zealand right now! The fact that I am in Montréal (Canada) after spending the last two weeks in Europe can tell you that a lot has changed!

When I left for my round-the-world trip, the goal was to travel for a year then find a new country and live there for some time. However, after a few month of wandering around, I realized that something was missing and that thing was programming. You see, I didn’t left to travel because I hated my job or to find a new meaning to life, I actually really love what I do and don’t see myself stopping.

As a result, I picked up freelancing again three months ago. At first, it was hard finding a travel/work balance (and it’s still difficult sometimes) but things are getting easier and easier. I filled in what was missing in my traveling and I’m now having the time of my life!

The goal is now to continue as long as I can, no more return date is set.

So why am I in Montreal? For work: I’m there until mid-October for a mission at one of my client’s office. I work almost exclusively remotely but sometime a client (a good one in this case) insists on having you in his office.

I’m not completely ditching my original plans. After Montréal, I’m still going to South America where I intend to spend a few months. It will be more than originally plan and not the same itinerary but it will cover (and then some) everything I had intended to do.

I’m not completely modifying my plans because you never know what will happen and this new lifestyle may not work out (ie. I’ll need to go somewhere find an office job). Once I’ll have completed South America and if things are going well, I’ll pick a new destination!

Someone coined a term for people who work on the computer as they travel: digital nomads.
I like it.

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