Tango Passion

Tango Passion

There is no doubt that Tango is part of Argentinean culture. I can actually feel why it originated from Buenos Aires as this place as the vibe, the rhythm and the passion that goes into the dance. Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires seems to be the perfect match.

With this feeling in mind, what better place than the Argentine capital to watch a Tango show. There are legions available, most of them offering a dinner before or during the show and some a short lesson before. The style and the atmosphere varies, from intimate places to huge auditoriums.

The hostel I was staying at recommended us Complejo Tango. It starts with an introductory lesson followed by a dinner. The shows starts mid-course. The place is intimate and the scene being close to the tables. The show retraces the history of Tango and how the dance evolved through time.

It was a beautiful show and a great experience. I would really recommend it and everybody from the hostel was agreeing.

Another, and much less touristy, way of enjoying the dance is to go to a Milonga. Milongas are venues or events where you dance Tango. The atmosphere varies from one and another. This page has a useful list of Milongas and on which night to go.

I went to La Catedral and was really seduced by the concept. I was surprised to see as many young adults. It was amazing to see people from all ages have fun and dance together.

It would be a shame to miss experiencing Tango and the culture surrounding it when you’re in the city it was born. Buenos Aires has also hundreds of classes for the ones interested in learning but this is for another post ;)

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Posted: 18/11/2013
  • Visited: November 2013
  • Budget: 440 pesos
  • Complejo Tango
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