Have a travel story to tell? Become a guest author!

While I started The Traveling Coder as my personal blog to talk about my round the world trip, I would love to present the opinions, experiences and advices of other travelers or expats.

As a result, I will start accepting contributions from now on. Guest authors can submit articles relevant to traveling and they will be published in the same format as current ones. A section with the author’s name, photo, description and link to his/her website will also be added at the bottom of the article.

You can find more information about guest blogging on the guest blogging guidelines page.

Anything relevant to traveling or living abroad can be submitted. I love reading about unique experiences, places or life styles.

I’m looking to start a series of posts about what it is like going back to places years later. If you have experienced this and would be interested in sharing your story, contact me at maxime.bouroumeau@gmail.com.

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